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The academic program at AlBaqir Academy complies with the standards set by Alberta Education and includes religious education that consists of Arabic, Qur’an memorization and recitation, as well as Islamic Studies, History and Jurisprudence (Fiqh). French is offered to the students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Students are expected to meet AlBaqir Academy’s academic and religious expectations.


The school has a portable iPad lab and employs technology in its educational program. Grade 5 to 12 students each have a Chromebook as part of AlBaqir Academy's promise to employ technology in the school and eliminate as much paper use as possible to become a greener school.


At AlBaqir Academy, we use a Cloud-based system: applications that are on the internet, and not on your computer. With the shift from wired to wireless access, it is essential that students are provided with a consistent set of learning resources anytime, anywhere. By providing our students with Google Apps through Google Education, new teaching and learning strategies will be adopted and developed to support student learning anytime, anywhere with single-sign-on access.

Students at this school now have access to Google Apps for Education. Google Apps allows students to communicate and collaborate using Google powered classrooms, email and calendars, and make documents, and presentations. Accounts are created and administered by AlBaqir Academy's IT team and using Google Apps Education Edition.

What implications does this have for students? Students will now have access to their files, school email, grades, calendars, and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations, and sites whenever they have access to the internet - at any time, from most types of devices.

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