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AlBaqir Academy aims to provide students with the highest standards of education infused with teachings of Islam. According to the educational philosopher, Dewey, “To possess all the world of knowledge and lose one’s own self is as awful a fate in education as in religion.” As such, AlBaqir Academy concentrates on educational as well as moral values, because it works towards graduating students who will not only be exceptional academically, but moral citizens of the world as well.

The academy is lead by Imam Dr. Usama Al-Atar, who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry, a Master’s degree in Education, and is a globally recognized religious speaker and educator who is well trained in religion.

Students of AlBaqir Academy will be taught Leadership skills, Excellence in behaviour, Aspiration for success, and Devotion to morality (LEAD).


AlBaqir Academy adheres to the teachings of the Islamic Shi’a Ja’fari school of thought and offers exceptional educational standards that enrich students academically, religiously, morally and spiritually.


The goal of AlBaqir Academy is to educate children in the best academic and religious traditions, so they can achieve the greatest educational outcomes, and become life-long adherents to the Islamic Shi’a faith as well as morally responsible citizens of the world.


Academic, religious and moral (ARM) education serves the common good.

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