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Students registering in Grades 1 and up, may be contacted to perform the

assessment even though they are on the waitlist.


  1. An application will not be considered complete or date stamped, until the application fee of $50 is received. The application fee may be paid during the application process when prompted to

  2. Student Assessment: Individual academic and readiness assessments are conducted with all students entering Grade 1 through Grade 10. Upon receipt of your child's application we will contact you to schedule the assessment. Assessments will generally take 1 to 3 hours to complete. Parents will be notified in person, by phone or email about their child’s exam results and acceptance status. 

  3. Admission: Students who meet all of AlBaqir Academy's acceptance criteria will be offered admission to the Academy. 


  1. Please fill all sections accurately and completely.

  2. For any section that is not applicable to you, please enter N/A.

  3. This is a fairly detailed form: it has several parts, and will take some time to fill. As our school has licensed classrooms, the ministry requires all information that is requested in these forms.

  4. Correct contact information, addresses, and illness information are all required. Failure to provide this information will delay the process.

  5. You may bring all documentation such as previous reports, birth certificate, immunization records, etc. when you are called for your Student Assessment appointment.

  6. An incomplete form will delay processing and may result in non-admission. 

  7. Each child has to have their own registration form.

  8. The registration form is built with the information required by AlBaqir Academy and Alberta Education. We have added an upload section in the form where you can upload any documents related to the child: Report cards, birth certificate, immunization records, copy of Alberta Health Card or even a passport copy. All of this information will be securely uploaded and handled by the AlBaqir Academy Admin team with utmost security and privacy.

  9. You must insert the latest version of the report card of the child

Registration Form 
What is the citizenship or immigrant status of the student?
If you wish to identify yourself as an Aboriginal person, please specify: (optional)
Has your child ever had behavioral issues or learning challenges in school?
Has your child ever been tested for learning/speech/psychological by a school or other agency?
Has your child ever been suspended or expelled from school?
Does your child have an IPP or a Modified Instructional Program Plan?
Are you a legal guardian?
Are you a legal guardian?
Are your child's immunization up to date?
Any known allergies?
Do you give permission to AlBaqir Academy Staff to administer an EpiPen in the case of a severe allergic reaction? (The Protection of Students with Life-Threatening Allergies Act)
Is your child on any medications?
Does your child have any special needs?
Do you require bus transportation?
AlBaqir Academy is requesting your permission to disclose and/or use your child’s personal information (i.e. image, grade and/or name, etc.) in governing/support agencies and within the school, and/or in public venues or on the internet, where the general public may have access to the information in order to communicate with parents, the community and the general public.
Permission 2
Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for registering. We will contact you with more details.

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