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Our students are our Family, here are the M.A.I.N. reasons why:


Research shows when students are exposed to an environment they will be influenced by that environment. The Islamic environments of AlBaqir Academy, with teachers who are Mu’mineen, invite development of great character.


Class sizes at AlBaqir Academy are much smaller than in other schools, so students get much more attention from their respective teachers, and that helps them excel. Moreover, all our homeroom teachers are professional educators certified in the province of Alberta. Students learn according to the best Canadian standards so they can become the greatest citizens of society. In addition, our grade six students scored higher on the Provincial Achievement Tests than the provincial average


Many invest in their worldly affairs, but the greatest of business people invest in the Hereafter, investing in AlBaqir is investing in students who will grow up and raise generations of pious individuals. For as long as the generations maintain their prayers and religious identity, one’s investments will continue to grow and multiply. 


AlBaqir Academy is a full-time Shi’a Muslim school. In addition to the Alberta curriculum, our students learn Arabic/Qur’an every day, as well as two periods of Islamic Studies every week. At the Assembly, students start their morning with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha, Du’a for learning, Du’a for our 12th Imam (as) and the national anthem. They are constantly learning about our Ma’sumeen (as) and important events. Such lessons are also infused in the curriculum so students become proud of their Shi’a Islamic and identities. 

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