Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)


Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) Release Form

Consent to post or publish student information

AlBaqir Academy is requesting your permission to disclose and/or use your child’s personal information (i.e. image, grade and/or name, etc.) in governing/support agencies and within the school, and/or in public venues or on the internet, where the general public may have access to the information in order to communicate with parents, the community and the general public.

In most cases, the information that we are requesting is required under the School Act. In other instances, the information will be collected and used for activities that will take place throughout the school year. Please understand that we will do our utmost to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the students. For more information regarding the Personal Information Protection Act please visit: If an occasion should arise when you have concern about how your child’s information will be used, please contact the school and we will discuss your concerns.

Your child’s personal information may be used in the following way by the school. Examples include, but are not limited to:

For communication with and between the staff:

  • Student names, phone number, grade, parent’s name and related contact information for absenteeism verification, emergencies, field trips and/or other school activities.

  • Student contact information for the provision of transportation services.

  • Individual or class photos for school purposes and the use of student photos for student records or other identification purposes.

  • Photos/videos of classroom or other school activities by the school where the material will be used within the school.

  • The circulation of information on a “need-to-know” basis regarding students who have severe or life-threatening medical conditions.

For communication with governing/support agencies:

  • The use of personal information in order to assist individuals who have been contracted to provide ancillary and support services, such as Alberta Health Services.

  • The sharing of personal information with the board of Trustees, when required.

For communication with the community/public:

  • Student’s name, image, or comments about the student in the school newsletter, calendar, website, or other school publication.

  • Accessing and posting information to public websites or social media applications.

  • Student names on artwork or other creative work displayed at the school or within the community.

  • Student names for recognition purposes on honour rolls, other awards, or at ceremonies within or for the school.

If you had consented to your child’s information being used for communication with the community/public, you may withdraw your consent and request that personal information regarding your child be removed from any sites and/or social media applications that the school has used by notifying the school principal in writing.

Please note, however, that once photographs, student names and other identifying information is released in public forum, AlBaqir Academy cannot control or prevent the further distribution or use of the material by those who have already accessed the information.