In order to enhance the success of students, parents are expected to be involved in their children’seducation and support their needs to ensure completion of work. Parents are also required to supervise the work ethic of their children and help them minimize their time watching television, gaming, using electronics and the internet. Parents who do not show much support to their children’s academic needs will be contacted and requested to invest time in their child(ren)’s education. Students who do not adhere to AlBaqir Academy’s academic and religious expectations and standards may be withdrawn from the Academy.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the Parent-Advisory Council (PAC). AlBaqir Academy is structured around a culturally relevant education, involving parents in the school life of their children. The role of the PAC will be to AID the Academy as follows:

  • Assist in school functions and programs;

  • Initiate fundraising activities; and,

  • Develop events to enhance the educational experience at AlBaqir Academy.

Among the AID the PAC will provide will be helping with pizza lunches, library, fund-raising for field trips and school activities and many other supportive roles keeping the children’s welfare in mind.


It is also there to help new parents ease in the AlBaqir Academy’s community. We ask all parents to volunteer with the PAC and support them by participating in their programs. Research shows that your presence in the school enriches the children’s experience in learning.

All activities of the PAC must be in consultation with and approval of the Administration of AlBaqir Academy.



AlBaqir Academy is a full-time Shi’a Muslim school in Edmonton, Alberta. It currently accepts students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 9, expanding to High School. AlBaqir Academy maintains high academic standards infused with the teachings of Ahlulbayt (A). Students participate in daily congregational prayers, Friday prayers, learn important academic and religious skills and partake in educational Islamic lessons and programs. 


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