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AlBaqir Academy is the only Shi’a Muslim full-time school in the Province of Alberta. It opened its doors in the 2017-2018 academic year as a JK-6 school with 27 students. Two years later, AlBaqir Academy added three more grades, making it a JK-9 and increased its student population by over 90 students, which is an increase of over 250%. This suggests our parent community trusts the quality of education AlBaqir Academy is offering, demonstrated by our PAT and Accountability Pillar Survey results.

The following are some of the accomplishments AlBaqir Academy achieved over the course of two years only:

  1. Added 3 grades: K-9;

  2. Increased student population by ~%250;

  3. Invested $600K in new location;

  4. Added an Outdoor field & basketball court;

  5. Invested ~$75K in technology: iPads, laptops, Apple TVs, Google Classroom, Power School;

  6. Made a science lab and is purchasing ~$5K worth of equipment;

  7. Invested nearly $40K in security: CCTV, locked main door, alarm;

  8. Increased our staff population to twelve full-time staff;

  9. Appointed a full-time IT personnel;

  10. Initiated clubs: student council, science, art, knitting, martial arts & sports (cricket, soccer & basketball);

  11. Provided resource & intervention strategies for students;

  12. PAT scores on par or above provincial average;

  13. Enhanced religious standards of students; and,

  14. Initiated a school-wide literacy program.

Over the next three years, AlBaqir Academy hopes to establish a High School program, making it a full JK-12 school, and increase our staff and student population. We will continue striving to make our students achieve superlative quality of academic and religious education.

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